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If you have an email list, the easiest and quickest way for you to start earning money from our Affiliate program is to send one of our tested and highly converting email swipes to your list. Feel free to use either of the below swipes to send and make any changes you wish to make the email fit with your list for a great response!

Subject: You Seem Unhappy…

I’m sorry if the subject line *SHOCKED* you,

but it’s more than likely true… Most people

are unhappy with their lives and just don’t

realise that TRUE happiness is just around

the corner…


That’s right, you can learn to ‘unlock’ true

happiness using these techniques and NO

it has NOTHING to do with money, this is

true happiness that you can achieve.


Speak Soon,

Subject: Consider this…

Success and happiness are a choice, you chose if you want

to be successful and happy…

Hi {!firstname_fix},

That’s correct, success is a choice… It’s a choice that not

many of us make because we don’t BELIEVE that we should

be successful…

If you want to be successful then you NEED this:


Self confidence is the difference between being successful

and being the person you are today… And don’t get me

wrong, who you are now isn’t a bad person, but the person

you will be when you have self confidence is a lot better!


Speak Soon,


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