Finding Your Kua Number

The purpose of the Kua Number in Feng Shui is it helps you find the directions that are best for you personally. Feng Shui incorporates the use of compass directions in order to map out Qi flow that is auspicious for you in your environment. Good Qi Flow outside in your environment ultimately promotes good internal Qi your body. It is the Kua Numbers that determine the best compass directions for your home that promote good energy. The good directions are called Auspicious directions in Feng Shui. Likewise the directions that not good and do not promote Good Qi flow are called Inauspicious.

When you use your proper Kua numbers you can promote good Qi flow in your home. The Kua number pronounced “Gua” gives you the 4 corners or directions in your home or office area. In order to calculate your Kua number your birthday is needed and Your gender is needed. Here are the steps you need in order to Calculate your Kua number.

1. First you take the last 2 numbers of your birthdate year and add them together. So if you were born in 1967 you would add 6+7 together and get the number 13. Both sexes do this first step
2. Next you want to reduce the number you get into a single number so 13 breaks down into 1+3=4 . Both sexes also do this step
3. Once you get the final digit, depending on your sex now comes in to the equation of finding your Kua number. If you are a female you add 5 to the single digit you get. So in this case it is 5+4=9 If by chance the number turned out to be a double digit then you would reduce it again until you get a single digit.
Example: If you were born in 1968 the 6+8=14/ 4+1=5 /5+5=10/1+0=1 so the final number would be 1.
4. If you are a male Steps 1 and 2 would be the Same….so if you were a male born in 1967 you would also add the last two numbers of your birth year together: 1967 6+7=13/ 1+3=4
5. Now if you are a male this is where the formula changes for you. You take the reduced number as a single digit and subtract it from 10. So in this case 10-4=6. So as a Male Your Kua number is 6.
6. Once you get your number you then have to see if you are an east or west person.
East Group Kua numbers are:1,3,4, and 9
West group Kua numbers are 2,5,6,7,8
Some Feng Shui schools do not use 5 as a Kua number so in this case females replace Kua 5 with 8 and males replace 5 with Kua 2.

Once you get your Kua number you can look them up on Feng Shui Charts that have the auspicious and inauspicious directions for you to use based on your personal Kua number. If you know your personal directions and incorporate them in your life it is said to produce good Qi flow inside and out.