Productive and Destructive Cycles in Feng Shui

Productive and Destructive Cycles in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is rooted in understanding the relationship of nature and how it effects our lives. The 5 elements Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal and Water are used to define the various energies in Feng Shui. Each element has its own direction and color specific for that element only. The way the Qi or energy flows can be either negative or positive depending on how the elements are utilized. Feng Shui sets out to correct any negative or blocked Qi to enable positive Qi to prevail through what is referred to as a “Feng Shui Cure”.

The elements have what are called cycles. Cycles are how the elements interact with one another. Elements can have productive or destructive cycles. When they support or nurture each other’s energy it is considered positive or productive for creating good Qi flow. That is referred to in Feng Shui as a productive Cycle. On the other hand Elements that are inharmonious when together are called destructive. They block and hamper Qi flow. This is called a destructive cycle. Feng Shui  applies this concept of  creating  positive energy and blocking negative energy by understanding  how to place things  in one’s environment. The idea is you want to place elements together that are productive and avoid the placement of two destructive elements together. Two productive elements placed  together in the same area in your home  keeps a harmonious environment which is the purpose of Feng Shui. When our environment is harmonious and Qi flows properly in our homes it affects the Qi in or bodies in a positive fashion further promoting positive Qi. Inharmonious energy means that the two elements clash with one another creating a destructive energy which permeates one’s environment. This results in blocked energy flow as well as negativity.

In a Productive C ycle:
Fire nurtures Earth
Earth nurtures Metal
Metal nurtures Water
Water nurtures Wood
Wood nurtures Fire

In a destructive cycle:
Wood destroys Earth
Earth destroys Water
Water Destroys Fire
Fire Destroys Metal
Metal Destroys Wood

With this in mind we understand what is referred to as the Affinities in Feng Shui. Elements that have affinity for one another nurture each other thus it creates a productive cycle.

Water helps Wood (water helps plants and trees to grow)

Wood helps Fire ( Wood helps Fire to Burn)

Fire produces Earth(Dust)

Earth helps Metal(minerals) form

Metal can hold Water

So in Feng Shui if You are working in a Water area you can use Wood as a nurturing element in that area as well.

This is because Water is Woods supporting element. Wood releases Water’s power.

Elements that do not support each other are destructive to each other.

Water put Fires out…So you can say they have a destructive cycle. One over powers and destroys the other.  Fire can evaporate Water. Wood can break the Earth (ground) and Earth can Bury Wood.

Fire melts Metal but not until the Fire goes out. Earth absorbs Water, but Water can overflow the earth(flooding). Metal cut wood but not before the blade gets dull and weak.

These are the elements that are inharmonious together. So, when using Feng Shui in your environment you would not put Water and Fire elements together in the same place because they destroy each other’s effectiveness. When this happens it  blocks positive Qi flow. You do not put two inharmonious objects in the same area because the whole purpose of Feng Shui is to promote positive energy. Feng Shui is used to create the most harmonious environment for you that it can. This is achieved by putting those things that nurture each other in the area that supports them in your environment for good energy.