Qi and Feng Shui

We always hear the word Qi(pronounced Chee) but what is it actually. Qi is life force energy. According to the ancient Chinese belief system of Taoism; everything animate and inanimate in the universe has Qi. Qi is a universal life force energy that permeates everything. Qi is our bodies life force and it is the same energy found around buildings and in landscapes. Qi has to flow freely for optimum health and harmony. This applies to our environments as well as our bodies. If the flow of Qi is hampered in either we have poor health physically and spiritually.

With Feng Shui it is believed you can direct the flow of Qi to create the best benefits for your life by controlling the Qi in your environment. By directing the Qi flow in our living spaces we are nurturing our spiritual selves as well. When we live in a harmonious atmosphere our souls are properly nourished by this. This enables the Qi in our bodies to flow in a positive fashion as well. It is the balance of external Qi in our environments that helps promote harmonious Qi in our bodies too.

Positive Qi energy brings luck and blessings because there is nothing blocking it. Like a magnet good things are drawn to positive energy, and like a magnet negative energy repels luck and blessings. Positive Qi called Shen Qi, is created by developing beauty in our environments and in turn ourselves. When things are done wrong or in a negative fashion; when there is clutter and ugliness we create Sha or Si Qi. Sha Qi is the polar opposite of Shen Qi. Sha Qi is killing or attacking Qi. This type of Qi destroys positivity in one’s environment and in turn our lives. Sha Qi blocks the flow of positive energy attacking it like a sharp point. This sharp point is referred to as a poison arrow.

In Feng Shui a poison arrow or Sha Qi can be as simple as a table edge pointed in the wrong direction or towards you. To correct it all one would have to do is move the table edge in the proper direction or remove it to have positive Qi once again. Si Qi which is the other negative Qi works slowly like decaying to promote lifelessness. This type of Qi makes you feel like you are dying and depressed. To correct this type of Qi you also analyze the environment to appropriate the proper Feng Shui cure to promote healthy flowing Qi again.

Feng Shui uses the idea of correcting the negative Qi with “cures” so positive Qi can prevail. Its as simple as that in theory but is involved in application. One has to know the directions, the elements of the direction and things like colors and shapes in relation to the elements to fully unlock positive Qi in their living spaces.