The 5 Elements in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is rooted in the idea that the elements of nature effect our lives and the energy around us . It uses the belief that everything in the universe has a connection to the natural elements. Feng Shui is grounded in the idea that it is nature that dictates how we create positive or negative energy. Feng Shui takes this idea and says we create either negative or positive energy by understanding the relationship between the elements in nature and applying that relationship in our lives to benefit us.

In China their religious/traditional sciences all use the 5 elements. The 5 elements used in Feng Shui are Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth and Water. Each element has a compass direction relevant to it; as well as distinct colors and shapes in relation to the element. The Chinese also believe that it is the elements that affect our time, date and year of birth. They also believe as well that the compass directions we use which are connected to the elements affects how our Qi or life force energy flows.

In order to use Feng Shui effectively you have to know the 5 elements. The 5 elements like everything else in Chinese belief relate to each other either harmoniously or inharmoniously. The way the relate to each other is called cycles. The cycles are either productive or positive; or destructive and negative.

What happens is that a way an element interacts with another determines if it is a harmonious relationship or not. The idea is that some elements go together and have a nurturing or positive relationships between them while others are negative and cannot be together.

The order of the element cycles in a positive relationship to one another is:
Fire nurtures Earth
Earth nurtures Metal
Metal nurtures Water
Water nurtures Wood
Wood nurtures Fire and the cycle repeats.

The order of elements in a negative relationship or cycle to one another is:

Wood destroys Earth
Earth destroys Water
Water destroys Fire
Fire destroys Metal
Metal destroys Wood

In Feng Shui the nurturing elements either work together in an area bringing harmony and good Qi to that home or area. Like wise the elements that do not work in harmony together bring destructive and blocking Qi to that area they are placed together in. That is why one who does Feng Shui must understand the elements and how they work together. You do not want to put two inharmonious elements together which is destructive. Also by understand the relationship between the elements one can also remedy the bad Qi in a particular area by making the appropriate adjustments to that area.

Each element has a particular direction it governs. This means that you want to use that element in the area of your home that it governs to enhance the flow of Qi in that part of your home. The elements interact very much like the Yin and Yang in principle. They may be polar opposites but within the same space (yin and yang both reside in a circle) harmony is achieved when using the elements correctly in relation to each other.

In addition to direction each element has a color that is specific to that element. That color is used in the direction that the element governs so one can achieve positive Qi flow in the area of ones home that the element governs. For example Fire’s direction is South and the color for fire is red. So either in a Southern corner of your home or a room in your home thats in the South direction; you want to use fire’s colors because that is its appropriate direction and color. When you use it in its right direction you are creating auspicious Qi flow. You are opening the way for luck and blessings to enter your life.When your home is in harmony with the flow of positive Qi it also creates good Qi in your body. This is the main reason you must use the 5 elements properly; to create good Qi in your home which in terms helps you create good Qi in your body. This means ultimately you are in harmony with your environment and in balance internally.