The Characteristics Of The 5 Elements

Feng Shui uses what is known as the 5 elements. Each element is one aspect of nature that has a compass direction and energy associated with it. When used properly in its direction, the element helps manifest positive Qi in that direction. The same elements have distinct characteristics that pertain to each one of them specifically. Here is a look at each of the 5 elements and their distinct characteristics.

Fire is a considered a forceful energy. It represents the idea of expansion and transformation. If we think ofa fire burning it grows and spreads out. Fire is considered a masculine or Yang energy. The direction it governs is South. The color associated with Fire is Red. Red to oranges to pinks and even some purple are all associated with the energy of Fire. Fire’s shapes are angular shapes like pyramids, triangles, diamonds and Sun bursts. Like Fire spreading quickly; these shapes send energy in all directions fast. This coincides with idea that Fire creates movement and change quickly. So consider Fire an element to use when you want things done in a fast or quick manner. This can include personal activities like romance .

When we think of Earth we think of the dirt under one’s feet or on the ground. So with this in mind Earth is a grounding and supporting energy. The direction for Earth is East. If one was to use the BaGua which is a map of the different elements and directions Earth is in the center of it. The colors associated with Earth are Yellows to muted colors to earth tones. The colors associated with earth slow energy down. It is the Earth element in one’s home that gives it the stability and the nurturing factor that homes need. It makes family members feel secure. The shapes associated with Earth are rectangles and squares. These type of shapes are considered grounding.

Wood is the element of personal growth. Plants and trees are part of the Wood element. Since plants grow vertically the type of energy associated with Wood is upward movement. The main colors associated with Wood are all shades of greens and a little purple for living in abundance. Wood and its colors encompass energy that is both energizing and clear. Since it has vertical upward energy the shapes associated with Wood are columns and cylinders. Because wood brings oxygen to an environment Wood is used for “Feng Shui cures” concerning health in one’s home as well as also representing prosperity.

Water is the element of releasing and renewing. Because it flows it is also associated with prosperity. The colors associated with Water are blues and black. Water also encourages wisdom. Flowing shapes are associated with the water element. Shapes that are still and hold water are also considered a Water element as in the womb. When Water flows freely it represents abundance. Water is a refreshing element . It is used in the home to refresh, purify and increase abundance. Its direction is North.

Metal is the element associated with mental strength.The colors associated with Metal are white, silver, grey and sometimes gold. This element is also associated with the colors of the rainbow. The rainbow is associated with healing and creativity. The circle which is Metals shape represents intelligence. The energy associated with circles is constant motion moving outward as it expands. We tend to think of Metal as hard, cold and unfeeling but it actually stimulates energy for efficiency, clarity of mind and purpose. It helps everyone in a home to unite for a common goal, so everyone is on the same page so to speak. The direction for Metal is West.