The Purpose of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese traditional science that uses directions to determine Qi/energy flow in an area and how it relations to a person. Once the direction is analyzed traditional “cures” are prescribed to make sure that the Qi flows at optimum levels in your environment and your body. The idea with Feng Shui is that if your environment is in harmonious alignment then it will also promote good Qi flow. It is believed that when Qi flow is good in our environment it also gives us health . This same positive Qi that is in our homes will affect our bodies and spirits to enable our personal Qi to flow positively within us. Positive Qi promotes luck and auspiciousness both inside us and outside us as well.

Feng Shui manipulates energy to enable its flow to maintain a positive momentum in a given area based on the use of placing things in their proper directions and using the appropriate colors and objects for that area as well. When the wrong things are placed in the wrong area or direction it creates negative Qi. Negative Qi is destructive and blocking energy. Feng Shui “cures” seek to restore harmonious energy by removing the negativity in a given area due to incorrect placement and alignment.

Things like “poison arrows” in our environments block positive Qi. They can be things like sharp edged furniture pointing at you or the angles of walls pointing at you . The reason they are called poison arrows is because they dart out at you as if they are cutting into your Qi flow. This type of Qi is also referred to as Shar Qi or killing Breath. It kills the breath of flow by blocking and impeding positive Qi. Feng Shui cures are applied to the blocked area to alleviate this type of Qi energy so it can flow free and promote positive energy again.

Many of the Feng Shui remedies are simple and not that costly. Most people can treat the poison arrows with things like placing mirror and crystals in appropriate directions to counter act the negative energy and redirect it into a positive mode. Sometimes changing the color schemes in a particular area makes all the difference in the world. This is due to the fact that each area or direction has a color that is beneficial to that area. Like wise there are colors that should not be used in certain areas because they invoke negative Qi because they are not in harmony with that area or direction.

Today you can find many Feng Shui made simple books and tools to help you create good Qi in your home in book stores and on line. There are also professional Feng Shui masters that one can consult who come to the home and analyze the Qi situation of a home thru Feng Shui techniques. They then prescribe the appropriate adjustments for you to make so you can correct any imbalances in your home. It is believed that if your home is in alignment it will help your bodies Qi as well.