What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient practice where the idea of how things are placed in one’s environment affect the flow of energy in that environment. This holds true whether its the property as in land or an actual house. The way things are placed effects one’s life either negatively or positively depending on the placement in Feng Shui. Feng Shui is based on the notion that the laws of the universe effecting heaven and earth can affect a person life both positively or negatively. It all depends on the way a person applies the laws. In the case of Feng Shui heaven refers to astronomy and Earth geography. It is believed that by practicing the laws of Feng Shui one is living in accordance to universal harmony and will have positive results because of this. The literal translation of Feng Shui is wind-water.

Feng Shui supports its practice on the idea that everything in the universe is alive and filled with energy or Qi. Qi is universal energy and permeates everything on the planet. Qi gives us life force and is the energy that flows through our living environment as well. Feng Shui analyses how the Qi flows in one’s home and how it affects us. When the Qi in our living environments is flowing properly then we become in aligned with the energy in our homes. When we are in harmony with our environment we start to see positive results. This is because positive Qi in the home creates optimum Qi health in our bodies. When Qi does not flow both in our homes and bodies properly illness and negativity ensues. Being surrounded by negative Qi creates blockages of positive energy. Feng Shui is the way to correct it so that we can have positive Qi once again.

Feng Shui uses a compass called a Lo pan to look at various directions to locate areas of positive and negative Qi in one’s environment. The Lo pan pinpoints directions specific to a person so they can have positive Qi in their homes or offices. This in turn creates harmony in their lives. The compass locations direct the flow of Qi for that person so they can have auspicious results. The auspicious results come from placing things in their environment in the appropriate directions and the proper area its supposed to be placed in.

Once the directions specific for a persons living space is determined each direction is ruled by a specific element. In this case the elements are called the 5 elements in Feng Shui. They are Wood, Fire, Metal, Water and Earth. Each element has colors specific to that element. They also have specific directions and object shapes as well as. The type of material which is specific to that element is also taken into consideration. All these things go into creating positive Qi flow. There are also things that are not to be done in specific areas and directions because they block and destroy the positive flow of Qi. This is called killing breath. It literally kills the life breath of Qi.

Today many people of all cultures practice Feng Shui. They find it beneficially spiritually as well as creating a sense of well being in the home and with the person. You don’t have to be Oriental nor do you have to be deeply religious to practice or utilize Feng Shui. Its for anybody who wants to have good energy in their home and in their lives based on the premise of living in harmony with nature and the elements instead of against them.