Yin and Yang and Feng Shui

Yin and Yang is a theory that everything in the universe is part of a whole but has its polar opposite. Yin and Yang are energy forces. Yin is feminine energy while Yang is masculine. Yin and Yang although opposites, are still interconnected.

In Taoism the symbol of Yin and Yang represents constant motion. They are two opposite moving forces within one circle which connects the two energies. Yin is represented by the color black with a little white circle within it and Yang is White with a little black circle in it. So, in essence even though they are opposites one encompasses the other because of the little circle each one has of the opposite energy inside of it.

In the practice of Feng Shui Yin and Yang play a very important role. Yin and Yang represent balance and harmony between opposing energies. They rely on each other to maintain their balance within one circle. The circle represents the universe.

Yin is considered feminine passive energy. Its color is black. In this case Yin represents quiet, deep darkness and slow relaxed movement. It is also seen as a receptive energy. Yin is used to replenish ourselves when we are virtually worn out and need rest or relaxation to regroup ourselves.

Yang on the other hand is masculine active energy. Its color is white but is also represented by vibrant colors and loud sounds. The movement related to Yang is upward moving energy. It is considered to be the type of energy we use when we are busy, active and productive. This is like daytime energy.

In Feng Shui, white is associated with the element Metal which is Yang’s color. White in this case can represent crispness clearness and cleanliness all attributes associated with Metal. It is recommended to use white in areas of one’s home where the Metal element predominates. This would be the West and NorthWestern directions in ones home. White is a good color to use with bright colors since Yang also represents bright colors. But, do not use White in the East or South East directions in your home because this is not the directions for White and can cause unharmonious energies disrupting the balance.

Yang’s color black is one that is represented by deep water, the night and the universal void. Its element is Water. It is a power and protection color. The direction for Water is North. In Feng Shui the use of black brings stability and grounding. It is recommended that black be used sparingly because too much in large doses can bring a feeling of heaviness. Black and the Water element are considered very auspicious for attracting money and prosperity if used properly in the proper direction.

The whole idea with Feng Shui and Yin and Yang in the home is that you want to create a balanced atmosphere that enhances all the best possibilities you home has to offer. When the Yin and Yang in one’s home is in balance it creates positive energy the permeates all aspects of one’s life.